PhD students:

2023-ongoing, Leticia Sarahi Espinoza Barraza, "Towards learning intelligent homes"

2020-ongoing, Gustavo Omar Zamarrón de la Garza, "Reinforcement Learning Architecture of an Intelligent Agent Capable of Adapting to Different Virtual Environments"

2018-2023, Raul Ignacio Navarro Almanza, "Automatic Interpretable Learning Model using Granular Computing"

2016-2022, Sukey Sayonara Nakasima López, “Intelligent Fuzzy Models for Big Data”

MSc students:

2022-ongoing, Miguel de Jesús Chávez Hernández, "Search model for possible compound pairs for the inhibition of the signaling system RAF-MEK-ERK for kinases activated by mitogens using machine learning and computational simulation"

2021-ongoing, Ricardo Castro Gonzáles, "Design Patterns for Embedded Systems Applied to the Internet of Things"

2021-2023, Leticia Sarahi Espinoza Barraza, "Design, Control and Monitoring of Smart Gardens in Reduced Spaces"

2020-2022, José Isabel García Rocha, "Mixed reality vision system for active security in motorcycles"

2019-2021, María del Rosario Sánchez García, "Analysis of Behavioral Patterns within an Intelligent Environment for the Detection of Atypical Behaviors in an Individual Applying Edge Computing"

2017-2019, Osbel Alejandro Islas Silvas, ”Intelligent Algorithm for Optimizing the Charging Process in a LiPo battery”